Furnace Flame Sensor

Probably nobody knows what is a furnace flame sensor until losing heat on one of our sub-zero temp days. The flame sensor was an ingenious solution to a serious safety problem. On a gas furnace, it provides an incredible safety feature when they are working right. When it’s not it become a menace and cause silly service calls. Here’s everything you need to know about the flame sensor and how to keep it in proper shape.

What is a Furnace Flame Sensor?

The flame sensor in the furnace is a wellbeing gadget that guarantees the gas that powers furnace is being singed and not getting away into the vent framework. The sensor identifies when a flame is consuming inside the burner get together of the furnace. On the off chance that no flame is recognized, the sensor closes off the furnace to keep away from unburned gas from being lost into the vent framework or smokestack. In more established furnaces, it could cause a development unburned fuel and cause a kind of a minor blast that could harm the furnace. Gas furnace life expectancy is around 20 years however they have practical out of date quality. In other words, the innovation is improving constantly and they are intended to bomb sooner so you get another one with the new highlights.

How Does a Flame Sensor for Furnace Work?

A flame sensor is a pole that sits in the flame to ensure that it is on soon after the gas gets let go from the regulator. on the off chance that no flame is detected, at that point, the machine closes off keeping gas from streaming into the machine and causing the development of crude gas. On the off chance that there is no flame, at that point, the computer closes the heater down for another beginning cycle. This will rehash multiple times then it is bolted out for a while. Most furnaces have a LED light on a circuit board that you can peruse a site glass. It flashes codes that you can relate with a diagram on the spread to find what self-analytic issue is recognized.

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Is The Flame Sensor Failing?

  • Your gas burners light but go out almost immediately.
  • There is visible soot, dust, or rust that covers the tip of the flame sensor itself.
  • The porcelain area of the sensor unit is cracked, chipped, or broken.

Gas Furnace Flame Sensor Troubleshooting

A dishonest help individual may supplant it. The truth is that on the off chance that you can evacuate it, at that point utilize a gentile brushing with a grating material or green interior. You will get it back fit as a fiddle. You could conceivably observe any flotsam and jetsam on the sensor, have just supplanted one bombed unit in the wake of wiping it every year twice out of dissatisfaction. They don’t make it simple to get out or set back so you might not have the privilege thickset apparatuses yet it very well may be finished. I have been the saint on numerous events by seeing how the thing functions and how to fix it.

Also, you can try another way. On the off chance that you presume your flame sensor is going bad and you’re the bold, DIY sort you can examine and clean it yourself, following these means.

  • Shut down your furnace totally.
  • Open the combustion chamber door to access the sensor.
  • Expel the sensor and clean it utilizing steel fleece, light-coarseness sandpaper, or emery fabric. Make certain to expel any dust, coarseness, or rust.
  • Clear any dust from the furnace pilot and electronic igniter, then replace the sensor, and close the combustion chamber door.
  • Restart your furnace.
  • Or just call in the Pros.